Category: Arts & Culture

By Jodi Rawson

Reader Contributor

Years ago Dr. Jaimie Lusk was working with a patient battling severe depression. “You know,” she said, “I used to feel like you, until I …

The curse of the modern Medusa

By Jodi Rawson

Reader Contributor

Medusa was a Gorgon—a monster with snakes for hair— but there is debate about what her face looked like. Some think she was hideous. Others …

Tapping Into Genius

By Suzen Fiskin

Reader Columnist

What do Thomas Edison, Salvador Dali and Albert Einstein have in common? Of course they were geniuses in their fields. However, I’m going to go …

By Kevin Penelerick

Reader Art Columnist

Weezil Samter demonstrates his craftsmanship. Courtesy photo

Weezil Samter is as unique a character as his name. He is an artist who recycles the …