Aerospace students host open house

By Cameron Rasmusson
Reader Staff

The skill of piloting is paving career paths for Bonner County students thanks to the High School Aerospace Program.

The Zodiac airplane built by local students takes off for a test flight. Courtesy photo.

Now the public has a chance to see student progress for themselves, as well as participate in aviation skill-building exercises for themselves. On Saturday, May 5, from 11 a.m.-2 p.m., the public is invited to Sandpoint Airport Hangar 1817 for an open-house demonstration of all the progress students have made in aviation. And starting 9 a.m., students can meet aviators and aviation business professionals.

Attendees will be able to check out the Zodiac aircraft students built themselves, as well as the Taylorcraft airplane they are working on now. They can also see whether they have any budding pilot skills of their own, as the flight simulator that students use will be set up and ready for visitors to use. All in all, the day will be an excellent opportunity to view aircraft on display, observe the aircraft building process, meet Sandpoint pilots and aviation business leaders and grab some free food. For younger students interested in aviation, there’s also no better opportunity to learn about joining the program.

The High School Aerospace Program has been invaluable for students seeking to kickstart their careers in aviation. It has allowed them to build up flight training hours at a significantly reduced cost compared to traditional flight school, while other students learn the nuts and bolts of aircraft construction, maintenance and repair, opening up a separate branch of careers.

To learn more about the open house or program details, email [email protected]

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